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Careers in chemistry

Analytical chemistry is a fascinating and diverse field. You can choose any number of career paths. Your chances of employment? Excellent! In the Netherlands there are more chemistry jobs than graduates.

Career options after Chemistry Bachelor degree at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

Chemistry jobs

With a BSc in Chemistry from HAN, you find jobs in a wide range of industries. At multinationals like Shell or Nouryon. At pharmaceutical companies and food companies. And universities, hospitals and independent research institutes. Or you could work in consultancy and sales of chemical equipment.

  • Junior Lab Analyst

    Your lab team might be researching a new medicine. Or investigating how to turn organic waste into paper. As a junior lab analyst you make an important contribution to this research. By setting up and maintaining instruments. And by performing measurements, analyzing data and writing reports. 

  • Chromatography Analyst

    As a chromatography analyst, you carry out tests in the laboratory. You could work in quality assurance. In that case you ensure that a product meets certain safety standards. Your job could also be about monitoring the environment. Or testing the components of a new medicine. 

  • Technical Support Engineer

    As a technical support engineer, you provide technical support for a product. An instrument used in chemical analysis, for example. You have in-depth knowledge of the product and broad knowledge of the field. At the same time, you’re an effective communicator. 

  • Junior Researcher

    As a junior researcher, you work as part of a team on a research project. Researching a new medicine for a pharmaceutical company, for example. Or doing research on pollution for a government agency. Your job is to carry out tests and measurements, analyze the results and write up reports. 

The next step after graduating

So now you have your BSc in Chemistry. What next? Finding your ideal chemistry job is much easier when you have connections. As part of HAN’s alumni network, you can connect with a wide range of companies and research institutes across the globe. You already met some of these contacts when you worked on projects. Also when you did your internship. So you’re in a great position to find the right chemistry job for you. 

Job opportunities after a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at an applied sciences university in the Netherlands

Continue with an MSc in Chemistry?

Would you like to continue your studies and get a higher qualification in chemistry? With your BSc, you can join any number of MSc Chemistry programs in the Netherlands or abroad. You might have to complete a pre-master (bridging) program first. This can often be done as part of your minor.

  • Chemistry: Analytical Sciences (MSc)

    This degree is offered by University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

  • Molecular Sciences (MSc)

    This degree is offered by Radboud University in Nijmegen. It has various Chemistry specializations.

"Perfect for your career"

Chemistry student Kyndra recommends ASTP-program

Aruban Chemistry student Kyndra Farro (24) got a lot of inspiration from the extracurricular Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP). “There are all these areas where you don’t expect analytical chemistry to be involved, but then you find out it is.”

1f489762-0cfc-11ee-9f81-02565807075b Chemiestudent Kyndra Farro neemt deel aan het Analytical Science Talent Program 2022
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