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Careers in Automotive Engineering

A career in automotive engineering is a smart choice. The industry is facing all kinds of challenges. Like the transition to electric automobiles. And self-driving vehicles. So as a qualified automotive engineer your skills are in high demand.

Automotive Engineering jobs

With a bachelor in automotive engineering you can work for a wide range of businesses, institutes and agencies. Your work will be in research and development, manufacturing or sales. Not just of automobiles, but also of their components and related products. Here are some automotive engineering jobs you could pursue:

  • Vehicle Development Engineer / Test Engineering
  • Engine Development Engineer / Test Engineer
  • Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Warranty Reclaim Manager
  • Customer Relations Manager

The next step after graduating

So now you have your bachelor in automotive engineering. The next step? Finding a job is simple. Automotive engineers are in high demand. Each year over 40 companies come to the Automotive Centre of Expertise (ACE) Career Day. This is where you, as a graduate, can connect with potential employers. HAN’s alumni network is also a great way of connecting with international automotive companies and research institutes. 

An MSc in Automotive Engineering?

Want to continue your studies? Interested in getting a higher qualification? A job with more responsibility? An MSc in Automotive Engineering is the logical step. Go for a smooth transition into HAN’s Master of Engineering Systems. Or broaden your experiences by studying elsewhere.

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