HAN University further pursues sustainable mobility with arrival of Microlino

The mobility transition is in full swing, with increasingly stringent measures to reduce urban mobility. At the same time, cars are getting bigger and heavier. This is why HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem is committed to smart and clean mobility. One of the social topics in this is sustainable logistics. How is this being researched?

De Microlino is afgeleverd en is een van de microcars van de HAN. De Microlino wordt ingezet voor onderzoek door het LEV Kenniscentrum in samenwerking met Health City Lab. Beide zijn onderdeel van respectievelijk Lectoraat Automotive Research en Lectoraat Logistiek en Allianties van de HAN.

Ideal solution for urban logistics?

Through a brand new Microlino from Fiat, the logistics deployment of electric microcars as an innovative and sustainable means of transport is being investigated. Marco Wolf, project manager Health City Lab, attached to HAN's Logistics & Alliances Research Group, is working with Pieter Dekker, project manager at the LEV Knowledge Centre, part of the HAN Automotive Research Research Group, to study the potential of microcars for the urban logistics process of the future.

Pieter Dekker is delighted. "I think it's fantastic, it works very well. These kinds of microcars are really the future for urban transport and this is the first step. And you can easily transport 3 crates of beer in this Microlino!"

Marco Wolf also sees potential. "The Microlino has decent acceleration, I didn't expect. Moreover, it is a friendly-looking eye-catcher, because if you park this car somewhere people might start clapping for you. That's how high I rate the cuddliness factor."

Unveiling HAN Microlino (video in Dutch)

Electric car with retro design

The new Microlino is a small electric car with a retro design, based on the 1955 BMW Isetta. The mini car was delivered to the HAN Campus in Arnhem on Friday 28 June as a research subject, through a festive key handover (see video).

With a length of 2.5 metres, width of 1.5 metres and weight of around 500 kilograms, researchers expect that the Microlino could be an ideal solution for urban logistics. For example, the mini car can be used for visiting companies, carrying out student assignments in the city and various other logistics purposes.

Op feestelijke wijze is op 28 juni 2024 de Microlino afgeleverd bij de HAN in Arnhem. Deze microcar wordt gebruikt in het onderzoek van LEV Kenniscentrum en Health City Lab. Beide maken onderdeel uit van respectievelijk het Lectoraat HAN Automotive Research en Lectoraat Logistiek en Allianties van de HAN
HAN is proud of the new Microlino, which will be used for micromobility and urban logistics | Photography: Erik Rijpstra

Be part of our research!

The Research Groups Logistics & Alliances and HAN Automotive Research will also showcase the Microlino at the Unboxing Logistics event on 25 September and ask visitors to take a seat in this minicar. Perhaps they can then share their thoughts on logistics applications that could help further the research. You are welcome to visit this event, so put 25 September in your diary already!

Source and photography: HAN

Micro-mobility and urban logistics contacts

Pieter Dekker

project manager LEV Knowledge Centre
portretfoto pieter dekker

Marco Wolf

project manager Health City Lab
RB 26, lichtblauwe blouse, met blauw jasje