Studenten aan het werk in lab

The intro for Life Sciences starts on Tuesday 22 August. It's a program packed with information, activities and games. Get to know your lecturers, classmates and fellow first year students and have lots of fun in the meantime! Will you be joining in? Find out what to expect here.


The program

More Information

  • Registration

    Complete intro program

    Don’t want to miss anything and participate in the complete intro program? Sign up with the first link below. If you have paid, you are registered. An extra information booklet will be sent in July, including a packing list. Are there any questions before then? Mail them to

    When you choose Option 2 for the introduction week, please sign in with the second link below. An extra information booklet will be sent in July, including a packing list. Are there any questions before then? Mail them to

    Open Up Festival

    Are you not taking part in the training introduction, but do you want to go to the Open Up Festival? That's possible. You can register below. 

  • Cost

    Complete intro program

    The complete introduction program costs 75 euros, the daytime visitor program costs 35 euros.

    Open Up Festival

    The entrance ticket for the Open Up Festival is free for all new HAN students. Collect your ticket at the Open Up Area.

  • Questions

    If you have any questions about the intro program, camping or anything else, you can send an email to

  • Medication and allergies

    Do you have any medications of allergies? Please mention these during your online registration. If you are in doubt about anything medically related, do not hesitate to contact the organisation through

Study association 't Reactievat

’t Reactievat is the official study association of all educations within our academy and is responsible for the organisation of the introduction week. Besides the introduction, we organise informal drinks every month, the craziest parties such as the yearly prom and the famous (and infamous) Slet of bezet, and the past year the study trip to Budapest. Next to these festivities, events such as symposia and visits to education related companies are also in our portfolio.

During the introduction you’ll meet some of our most active members, them being in both the organisation and functioning as intro mentor. We hope to welcome you all at our activities! To get an idea of who we are, you can find us at Instagram @s.v.reactievat, and our website


You can mail the organisation at for all questions. At any time, even during the summer break.

For questions that are study related, or related to the class schedule or books, we unfortunately cannot help you. Please contact HAN through, they will refer you to the correct person.