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Today we start with a fieldtrip by bike "Sustainable Housing" at Liander. After lunch we continue with a workshop about a railroad underpass. We end this exciting day internationally with international students and snacks at the Be Gobal Café.

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9 am - 12 pm | Start Location: R26/Workplace

Fieldtrip 'Sustainable housing/Liander', by bike

Field trip with Marwin Jurjus

Together with a few HAN Students we go on a field trip by bike and will pass various buildings, new construction and sustainability projects. Find out how Dutch people live. (If you can't cycle, we'll find a solution.)

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12 pm - 1 pm | Start location: R26/Studielandschap

Lunch Walk

Lunch walk with Annika Treiber

You will receive a packed lunch and we will go for a walk in the park at R26. Annika will also show you a nearby shopping mall. Here you will find several shops, including a supermarket, if the lunch wasn't enough.

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1 pm - 5 pm | Location: R26/Auditorium

Railroad Underpass

Workshop with Marwin Jurjus

Work together with international students to create the ultimate project management plan. Can you and your group find a working method and a schedule to build a railroad underpass within 52 hours? Are you up to the challenge?

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5 pm - 6:15 pm | Location: R31/Lokaal '99

BE-Global Café

Social event with Annika Treiber and the ISA (International Student Association)

Come to our BE Global Café and meet other students and teachers. It is the place to network, relax and exchange tips about internships, exchange programs or living and working abroad. Annika, from the HAN International Office, is there and will be happy to provide you with information and drinks. Cheers!

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Post your pictures on Insta #iwbe2024

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Centre for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof.