wednesday, may 15


for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof. Smal.

Humpday has it all: from lectures and a keynotespeaker to a presentation and a city escape. And have you ever tried to speak Dutch? It's tough to learn, but take a change in only 45 minutes! Maybe you can order your dinner or drinks in Dutch when we close the day in the city centre of Arnhem.

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9 am - 10:30 am | Location: R26/A0.10

Designing a Self-Sufficient Tiny House

Lecture with Jonathan Bax, Project leader of Building Physics at Peutz and founder of JonaBouw Tiny House Design

We will explore how we can create smart designs that are not only self-sufficient and sustainable, but also in harmony with nature and our needs as individuals. By combining innovative technologies with eco-friendly materials, one can create a home that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing comfort and functionality.

Jonathan Bax
9 am - 10:30 am | Location: R26/E1.02+E1.04

Project work "Heat stress in Urban Areas"

Students work on their project.

10:45 am - 11:30 am | Location: R26/E1.03

Hoe gaat het? Say what?

Social Dutch Training with Annika Treiber

Want to learn more about the Dutch culture and learn how to speak Dutch? We omit the grammar but isn't it nice to join conversations and maybe even answer in Dutch? This course is for absolute beginners. You learn some basic Dutch in only 45 minutes.

studenten in Kronenburgpark in Nijmegen
11:30 am - 12 pm | Location: R26/E1.02

HAN Exchange Programs

Presentation with Annika Treiber

After three days in the Netherlands we hope you got enthusiastic and maybe you got interested in studying at the HAN for a longer time. Think about a short program, exchange, internships or even a Master program? We will tell you more about the possibilities. Visit this session for more information.

student Willemijn wijst amerika op wereldkaart aan
12 pm - 1 pm | Location: R26/E1.02 


1 pm - 2.30 pm | Location: R26/A0.10

Constructing Japan

Keynote Speakers: Madoka Aihara en Bas Spaanderman

We are YUUA, an architectural firm consisting of Madoka Aihara & Bas Spaanderman based in Tokyo, Japan. For us, architecture is a craft; we create a unique habitat for every assignment. The relationship between people, light, nature and materiality is the central story of our work. Tradition, local culture and aesthetics are our inspiration for future architecture. We give a lecture on how Japanese architecture, urban planning and infrastructure have developed over the past 100 years, in order to gain insight into a completely different culture, tradition and society from the eye of an architect.

Japans kantoor
2:30 pm - 4 pm | Location: R26/F2.05+F2.06+F2.07

Project work "Heat stress in Urban Areas"

Students work on their project.

4 pm - 6:30 pm | Location: City Centre Arnhem

City Escape Arnhem

Social event including drinks and snacks - for students

Complete all tasks, solve riddles and decipher clues. With the help of an app, you will wander through the city centre and visit the best places in Arnhem. And do you set a fast time? Then you will earn a spot on Arnhem's Wall of Fame.

Arnhem winkelstraat in centrum
5 pm - 7 pm | Location: City Centre Arnhem

Walk, Wine and Dine

Social Event - for faculty only

We will organize a culinary walk through the beautiful city of Arnhem. This is a great way to experience the food and culture of a city. We will walk to different restaurants to sample the local cuisine, and learn more about the Arnhem’s culinary history.

Arnhem terrassen Korenmarkt

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for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof.