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The School of Education trains and develops enterprising, inquisitive and confident teachers. Here you can become the teacher you want to be. We offer our students a lot of space to broaden or deepen their knowledge. And: we have joined forces with the work field to tackle the shortage of teachers.

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Home base for bachelor, master and associate degree programs 

Dutch-taught degrees in the broad field of education. The School of Education is home to a range of teacher education programs. Our students choose a full-time or part-time program, or a special track: an abridged or job-retraining program. 

They are: 

Associate degrees (Dutch-taught)

  • Pedagogical Educational Professional
  • Teacher Education in Health Care and Welfare

Bachelor degrees (Dutch-taught)

  • Education in Primary Schools (age 4 to 12) 
  • Academic Teacher Training for Primary Education (ALPO)
  • Dual Teacher Education Pabo-ALO
  • Teacher Education in Geography 
  • Teacher Education in Biology
  • Teacher Education in German
  • Teacher Education in Economics
  • Teacher Education in English
  • Teacher Education in French
  • Teacher Education in History
  • Teacher Education in Physics
  • Teacher Education in Dutch
  • Teacher Education in Chemistry
  • Teacher Education in Mathematics

Special programs (Dutch-taught)

  • Lateral entry: teaching qualification in primary education
  • Lateral entry: teaching qualification in secondary education
  • Certificate in Educational Didactics
  • Retraining for Teacher Qualification
  • Abridged program in Teacher Education

Master degrees (Dutch-taught)

  • Teacher Education in Economics
  • Teacher Education in English
  • Teacher Education in Dutch
  • Teacher Education in Mathematics
  • Design of Contemporary Learning


Want to continue studying? Our school offers a large number of post-graduate degrees, courses and in-house training programs. Get in touch to find out more about the School and its educational offerings.

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Home base for practice-based research 

We work together with the degree programs to tackle social issues through groundbreaking practice-based research. At the School of Education, we do this through the following research centers:

  • Extended Teacher Professionalism
  • Learning with ICT
  • Contemporary Assessment and Decision Making
  • Vocational and Professional Education

Researching and educating together

iXperium/Center of Expertise

The iXperium (Center of Expertise) contributes to education in which digital technology is better utilized. The goal is more effective, tailored education. We put ICT literacy of pupils and students on the agenda so that everyone has equal opportunities in society. Together we are building education with ICT.

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Partnership for Quality of Learning

Learning changes. We work together with the professional field to look for new knowledge about learning and development, inside and outside the school. And we use that knowledge to prepare our students for the profession. So that in the future you’ll have a colleague you can rely on.

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Partnership for Lifelong Development

We are educating people for professions we don't yet know. Professionals see developments coming their way whose consequences are hard to predict. Rapid automation, digitization and robotization are turning the world upside down. Or not?

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Educating Together

Within the School of Education, we educate students to become qualified teachers in primary, secondary and/or vocational schools. Then we do as much as possible with the schools, in partnerships. We educate our students together with these professional development schools.

8f6cb792-0ce5-11ee-9dc4-02565807075b Twee studenten maken een opdracht en vragen daar iets over aan de docent die kritisch nadenkt.

The Learning Lab

Contemporary education is different from traditional education. The focus is on self-regulation and responding to students’ needs. In The Learning Lab, we work together in the triangle of research, education (teacher educators and students) and professional field.

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School of Education Management Team

As well as the following management team members, student advisors Bob Fleer and Roos Peters have also been added to the management team. The student advisors working directly together with the MT.

Management Academie Educatie

Aly Smelt


1c54e1ae-5974-11ee-9086-024215b4a989 Portretfoto Managementteam Academiedirecteur Aly Smelt

Henriëtte de Groot

School manager: primary education

541040 Portretfoto van Henriëtte de Groot, lid managementteam Academie Educatie

Marianne Stienen

School manager: secondary and vocational education

541042 Portretfoto Marianne Stienen, lid managementteam Academie Educatie

Marion van Beek

School manager: research, innovation and master programs

457932 Academie educatie portret Marion van Beek

Frank Derks

School manager: secondary and vocational education

541046 Portretfoto van Frank Dekker, lid managementteam Academie Educatie

Ineke van der Meijden

School manager: secondary and vocational education

1d5a1100-5974-11ee-b03e-024215b4a989 Portretfoto lid managementteam Academie Educatie Ineke van der Meijden

René van Heugten

School manager: primary education

541045 Portretfoto van René van Heugten, lid managementteam Academie Educatie

Niels Wiersema

Student advisor

d63076ee-0cfb-11ee-a7e5-02565807075b Portret van Studentadviseur Niels Wiersema (web)

Meike Vorselen

Student advisor

de295e10-0cfb-11ee-8fd4-02565807075b Portret van studentadviseur Meike Vorselen


School of Education

Aly Smelt, Dean
T 06 55240908 (secretarial office)

Portret Aly Smelt


School of Education

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