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Copyright is the right of the creator of an original work to publish and reproduce that work.

Quite a mouthful...what does this mean? We can help you with questions about the use of sources and using them in study materials. We offer training and helpful tips for using copyrighted materials.

Open content

Open Content is a collective term for creative works (such as text, images, sound, and video) that are published under a license that allows you to:

  • copy the work
  • share the work
  • and sometimes also edit the work

Are you using Open Content material? Then you're not violating any copyrights (unintentionally or otherwise).

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Open Access

Every year, HAN students, lecturer and professors produce hundreds of research papers, graduation reports, papers and articles. At HAN, we stimulate the sharing of knowledge. We encourage you to make your research and publications freely available to all. Discover the benefits of Open Access, increase the impact of your work, and contribute to the global knowledge community.

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