Study materials

To start your studies, you need textbooks, syllabi and possibly a laptop. Read here what you need and where you can buy these materials.

54925 jongen en meisje studeren voor boekenkast op grond voorzijde


What textbooks do you need?

You can find your book list on the page of your degree program. Click on the "Practical info" menu at the top right then click on "Order your textbooks online". There you’ll find your book list and the cost of your books.

Ordering textbooks cheaply 

It’s easy to order your books through Studystore. Studystore always gives a 5% discount if you buy 2 or more Dutch textbooks and a 10% discount on foreign textbooks. Your books will be sent to your home free of charge.

You can find your book list on the page of your degree program. Click on ‘Practical info’ at the top and then on "Order your textbooks online". There you can immediately see whether your textbooks are also available second hand. This can also save you a lot of money. 

Of course, you can also buy your textbooks from other suppliers.

Selling textbooks? 

Don't need your textbooks anymore? Studystore is happy to buy them back from you. Go to Studystore and click on "Sell books". Rather return books using your smartphone? Studystore also has an app for iOS and Android. You can send your books to Studystore for free.

Readers and syllabi

Besides books, you usually need readers and syllabi. You can buy them at the Campus Store on the HAN Campus. The Campus Stores are located at Kapittelweg 33 in Nijmegen and Ruitenberglaan 31 in Arnhem.

Good to know: during school holidays the readers are not sent because the Campus Store is closed.


Do you want to buy your own laptop? Make sure it has at least the following specifications.


  • (recent) Intel or AMD spec mobile CPU with multiple Cores (for example Intel Core i3)
  • at least 4 gigabytes of working memory (RAM)
  • hard drive of at least 200 gigabytes
  • wireless network card

Please note that different specifications may apply to technical programs. To check this, go to page of your degree program and click on 'Practical info' at the top right. Then scroll down to find laptop specifications.

Free version of Microsoft Office365 

As a HAN student you can download Office365 for free. To do that, you need a HANaccount. Find out more about creating a HANaccount on the My application page.

Discount on software through Surfspot 

Need software? gives you a discount on software programs and more. Log in with your HANaccount.

Online facilities

During your studies, you’ll get a lot of information and materials online. Find out more about online facilities on the Campus facilities page.