Studying with special circumstances

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Do you need extra support because of special circumstances? You might be dealing with disability or chronic illness. Or you're combining your studies with another time-consuming activity, such as a professional sport or a business. No problem! We help you make the most out of your studies.

Studying with exceptional circumstances? HAN Helps

Do you have special circumstances that affect your studies? For example, disability, chronic illness, or involvement in elite sport? Need extra facilities to support you in your studies?

HAN offers several services to ensure your study environment fits your needs. For example: 

  • Modifications to the accessibility of buildings  
  • Study aids   
  • Exam provisions  
  • Potential alternatives to curriculum components  
  • Timetable adjustments
  • Adapted attendance requirements
  • Possible financial aid for study delays

Please note: students with a physical disability who require (daily) personal care must arrange this support themselves.

What kind of special circumstances are there?

Studying with disability or illness

HAN offers support to all students with disability or illness. Whether you have a physical, psychological, or sensory disability. Or you're dealing with other conditions. Like dyslexia, autism, ADHD or Chron's disease.

Studying and dealing with personal circumstances

You might be facing difficulties in your personal life. Due to pregnancy or due to a family member who is chronically ill. Whatever your situation is, HAN helps you out to ensure you that you can continue your studies at your pace.

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Studying as an elite athlete

As an elite athlete, you are basically running 2 careers: one as an elite athlete and one as a student. HAN offers you flexible education to make the most of both. You can, for instance, spread your exams or attend classes online.

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Studying while running a business

Studying while running a business? HAN helps you combine your entrepreneurial activities with your studies.

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Do you have dyslexia? You're not the only one. Dyslexia is more common than you would think. About 5% of students have dyslexia. That means that in a group of 20 or more students, at least one has dyslexia.

There are standard facilities available for all of our students with dyslexia. Do you have a valid dyslexia statement from your doctor or psychologist? Then you're entitled to 25% extra time for your exams and exams on A3 format. And you can use the program Claroread at home and on all computers at HAN. That supports you with reading texts. You can also get language support from the Student Support Center.

As soon as you start your program, request the facilities in Osiris (study progress system). You'll have to upload your dyslexia statement. You don't have to fill in the special circumstances form.

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What is it like to study with special circumstances?

HAN respects your privacy

Your special circumstances are very personal. It is up to you to decide whether you want to share these details. Are you planning to inform HAN about your special circumstances? Then it's good to note the following:

  • Your circumstances do not affect your admission status.
  • The information you give us will only be shared with your study advisor and student counselor. It won't be shared with your teachers or fellow students. It is up to you to decide who you share these details with. 
  • A meeting with your study advisor is optional - not required. Good to know if just notifying HAN about your circumstances is sufficient for you. Need help during your studies? You can contact your study advisor at any time.

You're not the only one: 20% of HAN students are dealing with special circumstances.

What can we arrange for you?

Would you like to register your personal circumstances? You're by no means obligated to share anything. Meeting a student counselor is optional. At any moment of your studies, HAN is there to help you out. A student counselor can help you make the most out of the studies. We focus on your personal needs.

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