Working as a student

The rules on working depend on your nationality. More specifically whether you're a citizen of the EU/EEA or not. All international students working in the Netherlands must have Dutch public health insurance.

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Can I work as a student in the Netherlands?

It is possible to work as an international student in the Netherlands. See below the rules that apply to you.

Studying in full-time?

If you are studying full-time, you’re expected to be available for all educational activities. Not just classes, but also group activities, excursions etc. So, you need to be available from 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday. Occasionally, you might have an educational activity in the evening or on the weekend.

Studying in part-time?

Some international masters are offered in part-time. In that case, you’ll have more time to work. Your classes will be scheduled on 1 or 2 days a week. 

Experiences of HAN students

Working in the Netherlands

What kind of job opportunities are there for international students in the Netherlands? Watch this 1 minute video to find out.

Which rules about working count for me?

Working and health insurance

As an international student, you normally don’t have to take out Dutch health insurance. But as soon as you get a job, the situation changes. You are seen as an employee. Then you have to take out Dutch public health insurance.

It doesn’t matter whether you pay tax or how many hours you work. It also doesn’t matter if you are an EU citizen with an EU healthcare card. If you work in the Netherlands, you need to get Dutch public health insurance. If you don’t, you risk getting a big fine.

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