Health insurance is the most important insurance you need to arrange. Other useful insurances are liability insurance, repatriation insurance, travel insurance and home contents insurance.

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Health insurance

There are 4 health insurance options depending on your situation.

AON health insurance for financial guarantee students 
Are you required to pay the financial guarantee? Then you receive AON health insurance for the 1st year. Or for 1 semester if you start your degree in February or do an exchange. The cost of this insurance is included in the financial guarantee. The International Office arranges this on your behalf. After this period, you must renew and pay for the insurance yourself. 

Health insurance from home country 
Your insurance policy in your home country might cover your stay in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has health insurance agreements with most European countries. Also, with some non-European countries. In that case, request an international declaration form or a European Health Insurance Card from your health insurance company. Bring these with you as you will need them when you see a doctor. And make sure the documents are written in a common European language (English, French, German or Spanish). 

Dutch public health insurance 
Are you employed in the Netherlands? Or doing a paid internship? You have to get Dutch public health insurance. The cost of this is often higher than student insurance. 

Private health insurance 
Not covered under public health insurance of the Netherlands or your home country? 
You have to get a private health insurance policy. There are special policies available for international students in the Netherlands 

Other insurances