When living in the Netherlands, you need a citizen service number (BSN). This number is important for all your dealings with the government. For example, to open a bank account or to visit a doctor. You get a BSN number after registering at city hall.

Stadsaanzicht Arnhem fietsen

When you move to the Netherlands, you need to register at city hall. You can only do this in the municipality where you are living. Do this as soon as possible after arriving in the Netherlands. All international students need to do this. Even if you are from the EU/EEA.

Register at city hall

After you register you receive a citizen service number (BSN). You need a BSN number for all your administration in the Netherlands. For example, to open a bank account or to visit a doctor.

  • What if you move to a different address in the same city? Then you need to inform the municipality about this.
  • What if you move to a different municipality? First you cancel your registration. Then you register again in your new town or city of residence.
  • You’ll get more info about registering during the HAN International Intro.
Arnhem sfeerbeeld met molen

Where to go

Arnhem Nijmegen Rheden (Velp)
Koningstraat 38
6811 DH Arnhem
Mariënburg 30
6511 PS Nijmegen
Hoofdstraat 3
6994 AB De Steeg



What happens if you don't register at City Hall? Your residence permit will be withdrawn by the Dutch Department of Immigration and Naturalization.