How to pay

Tuition fees must be paid before the start of your program. HAN University of Applied Sciences uses the digital direct debit authorization in Studielink. You can pay in full or in installments. Non-SEPA bank account holders have to transfer the amount in full. Find out more on this page.

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Financial guarantee

Do you need a visa to study in the Netherlands? Then as well as the tuition fee, you probably need to provide a financial guarantee. Find out more on the page for new bachelor/master students.  

Pay tuition fees yourself

How you pay depends on which type of bank account you have.

Someone else pays your tuition fees

You can arrange for someone else to pay your tuition fees for you. They can pay via 1. direct debit or 2. by bank transfer. See below for details. Another option is to enter your own payment details in Studielink. Then you claim the expenses with your employer. Or your parent makes sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account on the direct debit dates. Your bank account must be from an EU country in the euro area. 

1. Someone else pays via direct debit in full or in installments 

Go to Studielink and click on “Who is paying the tuition fees = Someone else”. You will receive an email with a link and you have to send this the person who will pay your tuition fees. They can use this link to enter their payment details so that the tuition fees can be deducted from their bank account. Please note that the bank account must be from an EU country in the euro area.  

2. Someone else transfers the full amount 

The person transfers the full amount of tuition fees to the HAN bank account: 

Bijlmerdreef 109
IBAN: NL51 INGB 0007 9977 22
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
Postbus 5375
6802 EJ Arnhem

Include name and student number in the comments field.

Note: the above account is new as of the 2023-2024 academic year. Change it if needed in your bank address book.

Start paying yourself after you turn 18? 

Would you like to pay your own tuition fees after you turn 18? Then complete and sign the Change of Payment Details Form (PDF) and send it to They will change the authorization to your account number. As of the next direct debit, the tuition fees will be deducted from your bank account. 

Pay in full or in installments?

The digital direct debit authorization  gives you  the option of paying in full or in installments. When you enroll or re-enroll in September, the tuition fees are debited in 10 installments. 

In case of payment in full, we do not charge an administration fee. 

Please note the following about paying in installments: 

  • HAN charges an administration fee for the installment method. This fee is regulated by law and amounts to €24.00 per academic year. This amount is debited together with the 1st installment. In other words, the 1st installment is €24.00 higher than the other 9 installments. 
  • No amounts are debited in the months of July and August. Payment of the total tuition fees are spread over 10 direct debit dates; in case of enrollment in February, payment is spread over 5 direct debit dates 
  • In case of enrollment in February, the 1st direct debit is higher than the subsequent direct debits.

When are the installments debited? 

Want to know when tuition fees are debited from your account? See the direct debit schedule

Changing payment details after authorizing

Do you want to change your method of payment? For example, change from paying in installments to paying in full? Or change from paying in full to paying in installments? You can do that when you re-enroll for the next academic year. You simply enter the desired method of payment in Studielink. 

Do you want to report a change in your IBAN/BIC code or bank account details? Then complete and sign the Change of Payment Details Form (PDF) and send it to

Refund of tuition fees after termination of enrollment

As a student you have the right to quit your studies at any time without giving a reason. You just need to submit a request for termination of enrollment on Studielink.

Enrollment can only be terminated as of the 1st of the following month (or a later month which you can indicate in Studielink). You can’t retroactively terminate your enrollment. Once you terminate your enrollment, you’re entitled to a refund. The amount is 1/12th of the total tuition fees for each remaining month. This refund will be paid within 6 weeks after terminating your enrollment. There is an exception though. Are you terminating your enrollment as of July or August? Then you are not entitled to any refund of paid tuition fees.

Questions? Read the FAQs here!