Applied Research

The Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering Research Group aims to offer an independent place for the growing need for knowledge development and dissemination in the area of digital accessibility

Studenten kijken in de klas naar een presentatie van hun project

The inclusive design and engineering of digital tools that we all use every day is a broad topic. Ultimately, we’d like to see companies, institutions and public authorities automatically designing their products and services in an inclusive manner and continuing on this track through to delivery.

Inclusive design becoming the new normal

Inclusive design will increasingly become the norm. The issue of accessibility has gained momentum in society, partly because of new laws and regulations that require both the government and the business world to make their products and services accessible. In order to give shape to this requirement and support the policies, research into practical solutions is vital. The research center wants to make a useful contribution to this so policy makers at companies and public authorities can make feasible decisions.


The research group aims to bring inclusive design and engineering one step further. Our focus from 2021-2025 will therefore be:


The Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering Research Group was initiated by HAN and Bartiméus, the expertise organization for the blind or visually impaired. Together with the Bartiméus Fonds, which funds the research, they aspire to broaden the digital accessibility within education, research and the professional field.

The research center is strongly characterized by its close working relationship with various partners. First and foremost, the different customer groups of Bartiméus and the degree programs of the School of IT and Media Design. An example of a collaboration partner is Stichting Accessibility (previously Bartiméus Bedrijven en Maatschappij).

The practice-based research and the network to be built are also relevant for companies, public authorities and institutions that wish to apply the research results to their products and services.