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Vanuit het Associate Lectoraat Customer Insight zijn vele publicaties verschenen. 


Life Sciences student Tan on the wonderful world of bioreactors and micro-organisms

Life Sciences student Nguyen Minh Tan (20) chose the Biotechnology specialization. He ended up in a complete new world.

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HAN Newsroom
Life Sciences-student Minh Tan volgt de specialisatie biotechnology

Life Sciences student Bernardo takes his time to explore California: 'You really need a car here'

Three years ago, Portuguese student Bernardo Luís came to HAN to study Life Sciences. Wanting to travel as much as possible, he decided to cross the Atlantic for an internship in Irvine, California. “I want to learn about the different scientific approaches used around the world.”

HAN Newsroom
Chemistrystudent Bernardo Passos Ramos loopt stage in Californië

Master in Molecular Life Sciences helps Anne become a full researcher

Anne Jaspers enjoys the ‘hardcore research’ she’s doing for her internship at Synapse, combined with the Master in Molecular Life Sciences at HAN. “It’s all about putting into practice everything you learned during your bachelor studies.

HAN Newsroom
Anne Jaspers volgt de masteropleiding Molecular Life Sciences in voltijd

The role of class representative comes naturally to Stas Shchedrovitskaya: ‘The school listens to us’

First year Life Sciences student ‘Stas’ Shchedrovitskaya is class representative. A role which fits her perfectly. The energetic, hypersocial Latvian already feels completely at home in Nijmegen. “I like to just go out and see what I encounter.”

HAN Newsroom
Life Sciences-student Nastya Shchedrovitskaya is klassenvertegenwoordiger voor ATBC
PhD Research

Recognition for social connection online is important

Social connections are important, for example, to combat polarization. At the same time, we are facing digitalization and globalization. How do Social Work students connect with others? What role do social media play in society and how can social workers make use of this?

HAN Newsroom
Studenten buiten mobiel selfie man vrouw
Going abroad

Colorful statues, fireworks and long days in the lab: Zheliana’s first weeks as an intern in Valencia

From a small town in Bulgaria, Zheliana Radilova came to the Netherlands to study Life Sciences at the HAN. The lab skills she gained in the previous years come in handy at her new internship in Spain. “I notice I have an advantage compared to academic university students.”

HAN Newsroom
Life Sciences-student Zheliana Radilova loopt stage in Barcelona
Student experience: Talia Heinen

''I learn a lot about different cultures from all over the world''

Talia is a 3rd year International Social work student. Curious about her experiences and her advice for new students? Read more to find out.

HAN Newsroom
Een foto van student International Social Work Talia Heinen tijdens haar stage in Sri Lanka.
Lasting friendship

Hi partner! Want to work together?

Welcome to HAN International Social Work. On this page you find a lot of relevant information for you as future partner. Our aim is to create sustainable partnerships that consist of student and staff mobility, mutual learning and research. Meet Sjors Jansen and Sanne van den Heuvel, your contacts.

HAN Newsroom
International Social Work. Klas college groep studenten en docent. digiboard op de achtergrond
Going abroad

Lauren went from exchange student to PhD in Australia’s sunshine state: ‘I love the outdoor lifestyle here’

Lauren Geurds went on exchange to Australia for the graduation internship of her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at HAN. 6 years later she finished her PhD, found a prestigious new job, and feels fully integrated Down under.

HAN Newsroom
ATBC-student Lauren Geurds liep stage in Australië, haalde er haar PhD en woont daar inmiddels

Jan is vice-president of the School Council: ‘A very rewarding job’

Did you know that our school offers a part-time job in which you represent your fellow students, have a say in the school’s affairs and which also is a great addition to your resume? The School Council is looking for a new member, and its vice-president Jan Novoselec is happy to inform you about it.

HAN Newsroom
Chemistrystudent Jan Novoselec is vice-voorzitter van de Academieraad

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