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The Automotive Research Center publishes regularly. Our products and publications are available to everyone. They can be used by lecturers, boards or educators. In compliance with the creative commons license: with acknowledgement of the researchers and for non-commercial purposes.

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Publications have been published from the Automotive Research Lectorate. An overview of all publications can be found here.

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Our team

Frank Ahout, Ing

f43d58cc-0cfc-11ee-bf97-02565807075b portretfoto frank ahout

Jan Benders, MSc

Program Manager - Control Systems
automotive medewerker jan benders

Lejo Buning, ing. MSc MBA

Researcher and Project Leader

Pieter Dekker

Project manager Light Electric Vehicle Knowledge Centre
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Dr. Marith Dieker

Researcher and Lecturer
0e3f736e-0cfc-11ee-bf37-02565807075b Marith Dieker is onderzoeker bij het Lectoraat Automotive Research

Mischa de Haan


Chris Huijboom, MSc. B.Eng

Senior Project Leader
482350 portret chris huijboom

Michiel Klifman

Jason van Kolfschoten

Researcher and Software Engineer

Dr. Karel Kural, MSc, M.Eng

Senior Project Leader
f662ae36-0cfc-11ee-af51-02565807075b portretfoto karel kural

Koen Lau

Senior Project Leader and Lecturer
f67682b2-0cfc-11ee-96c8-02565807075b portretfoto koen lau

Menno Merts, M.Eng

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Jop Molenaar

Research Engineer

Nikhil Muthakana

Researcher and Lecturer
a55046d6-0cfa-11ee-a7d2-02565807075b Nikhil Muthakana, docent voor de MES, Master Engineering Systems aan de Academie Engineering en Automotive.

Ad Oomen

Researcher and Lecturer

Toin Peters, Ing

Project Manager - Prototyping
482354 portretfoto toin peters

Didier Polling

Researcher in Structural, Material and Process Design of Lightweight Products and Solutions

Ben Pyman, BSc

495576 Roze blouse, baardje en bril

Drs. Arno van der Steen

Senior Project Leader
automotive medewerker arno van der steen

Abhishek Singh Tomar

Researcher Intelligent Systems - Vehicle Dynamics
f7289164-0cfc-11ee-ac5e-02565807075b portretfoto abhishek tomar

Nick den Uijl

Researcher and Lecturer
f7857de8-0cfc-11ee-81a7-02565807075b portretfoto nick den uijl

Nina Veders


Nicole Vuulink

Management Assistent

Yanzheng Xiao

Embedded System Engineer and Researcher