Our research center is a leading local and international partner for automotive research. Our Model Based Design of systems and vehicle structures focuses on green and intelligent mobility. We own or develop technologies using prototyping, modeling, testing, monitoring and business management.

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The Automotive Research Center always conducts research in collaboration with leading companies and research institutes. And with input from our researchers, lecturers and students. 

Our ‘Green Mobility’ specialization focuses on topics such as the development of new and improved powertrain systems for vehicles. Some examples of research topics related to the development of future powertrains:  

  • Powertrain electrification
  • Optimization of fuels, engines and emissions
  • Alternative fuels
  • Lightweight constructions
  • Production optimization

Our Intelligent Mobility specialization focuses entirely on the application and development of smart vehicles. Some examples of research topics related to the goals of the specialization:

  • Advanced driver assistance systems - ADAS 
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Cooperative vehicles - connectivity
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Mobility concepts

Knowledge partners and networks

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Centre of Expertise (CoE)


The Automotive Centre of Expertise (ACE) is a place where day-to-day professional practice, applied automotive education and automotive research merge. Mobility is developing at a rapid pace. The future of road traffic requires smart and green solutions. The Dutch automotive industry has an important position in this. ACE plays a pivotal role in maintaining that. The goal? Keeping the Dutch automotive sector strong, agile and future-proof. 

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