Health Equity in Education (HEQED)

Afstand in verbondenheid, project Mieke Spek

Health Equity through Education for a Sustainable Society (HEQED) is an Erasmus+ project aiming to understand how educational institutions and collaborating organisations can promote health equity in our societies.


Health Equality in Education (HEQED) Platform

The Aim of the HEQED project is to build competence in health equity within higher education institutions and relevant stakeholders.

An important part of our work is to build a collaborative space for building competence in health equity.


The project is divided into 6 main project results:

  1. Design a framework for health equity in education
  2. Build a collaborative space (The digital HEQED House)
  3. Design learning material
  4. Pilot using The digital HEQED House in our educational programs
  5. Provide a training possibility for stakeholders
  6. Prepare the HEQED e-book

Expected results

The HEQED platform will provide an arena for knowledge construction. It will also be a resource for the sharing of data, knowledge and perspectives on equity in health. A platform for life-long learning opportunities and experiences. And a connection point for future participative research and action initiatives. Ultimately, the HEQED platform will cultivate a sustainable network for ongoing competence building in equity in health.


Erasmus+ cooperation partnership on health equity

The consortium behind this project have worked together on various other Erasmus+ projects related to health equity. Results include updated curricula, research collaborations, and developments in digital open learning material to build competence within the clinical fields and in education. Through this project, we aim to continue these efforts and build further competence in health equity in higher education.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Maria Nordheim Alme

Associate Professor

Djenana Jalovcic

Coordinator Online Master's in Healthy Ageing

University of Zaragoza (Unizar), Spain

Isabel Antón Solanas

Personal Docente e Investigador

Pedro José Satústegui Dordá

Profesor Asociado

Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

Camilla Wikström-Grotell

Director academic partnerships

Humanity and Inclusion (HI)

Davide Ziveri

Translating the innovating Planetary Health approach into the humanitarian field

Alessandra Aresu

Director, Global Inclusive Health Division

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Joost van Wijchen

Leader Physiotherapy program
Screenshot Joost van Wijchen voor Quarantrain

Wim Oerlemans

Facilitator of learning

Erik Jansen

Associate Lector

Clark Nowack

Learning Community Technology for Fair Health