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Researchers and developers of the HAN Research Group Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering (IDD&E) worked on the redesign, update and extension of the WCAG-EM accessibility evaluation tool. This tool supports evaluators of websites to follow a step by step process to evaluate complete websites and share the results as a structured report.

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January 2021


WAI-CooP, Communities of Practice


Eric Velleman


W3C/WAI Education and Outreach Working Group


Accessibility of websites or mobile applications

The WCAG-EM report tool is used by many web accessibility auditing organizations in the world. The steps follow the process described in the web accessibility conformance evaluation methodology (WCAG-EM). They include defining the evaluation scope, exploring the target website, selecting a representative sample, evaluating the sample and finally reporting or sharing the evaluation findings. Both the format of the WCAG-EM evaluation process and of the resulting report are referenced by many countries in Europe and the world.

The tool works locally in your own browser without exchanging your input with other computers (or organizations). The tool itself does not perform (automated) checks but supports auditors in manually checking a website or mobile application for accessibility. Based on the input, the tool will generate a structured report with all findings. The report can be downloaded as html or json file.

Manual and automated checking

Evaluators can save/load their work at any moment and if they want send the file to others to see the results or to contribute. This way, persons with different roles in the evaluation process can contribute to the same evaluation. It is also possible to import data from tools that automatically check accessibility, thus combining manual and automated checking of accessibility. Already three automated tools can deliver files in a format that can be imported into the WCAG-EM tool.

Experienced evaluators

The WCAG-EM report tool is for experienced accessibility evaluators. Besides knowledge of the guidelines, evaluators should also have knowledge of WCAG, accessible web design, assistive technologies, and how people with different disabilities use the Web. The tool is available on the website of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) but the full code is available on GitHub. Currently the tool is available in English and Dutch.

Made possible by WAI-CooP

HAN worked in close coordination with the W3C/WAI Education and Outreach Working Group to apply the new WAI design and build save and load functionality. Evaluators can now easily save/load an evaluation. HAN also added an import functionality for the import of data from automated accessibility tools. The tool now also supports easy translation. HAN work was made possible by WAI-CooP, Communities of Practice. A Coordination and Support Action project, co-funded by the European Commission (EC) under the Horizon 2020 program (Grant Agreement 101004794).


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Lector Eric Velleman



The Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering Research Group aims to ensure that new media applications and technological applications become accessible to people with a visual impairment. So that everyone can participate in our modern, digital society.

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