Replastic Design Contest

Great to see you here! We can't wait to see your groundbreaking recycled plastic design. Read the rules and guidelines on this page carefully, submit your design and maybe you'll see your design becoming reality soon! The winner will be awarded a cash price of € 1.000,--

still video recycled plastic for flood resilience mekong delta srm

Plastic as a resource

Vietnam is accelerating in a period of growth. An expanding economy and the development of climate resilience are putting pressure on natural resources, such as wood and metals. But a valuable and abundantly available resource is still often overlooked: plastic. Plastics are difficult to break down. This property causes problems in the environment, but is beneficial for reuse. With recent initiatives such as the placement of plastic catchers in the Mekong river (CLEAR RIVERS, The Ocean Cleanup), plastic collection is becoming less intensive. However, the challenge remains to perceive plastic as a resource instead of waste. Plastic itself is not the issue that needs to be tackled, it is single-use behaviour. We therefore challenge you to give collected plastic a new destination in society. Create functional and innovative designs based on river plastic and contribute to a circular world!

Rules & guidelines

The only and therefore most important rule: design ONLY with plastic sticks. Easy to make, no expensive moulds needed and widely applicable: plastic sticks are the go-to modules. ‘Stick’ to the following measurements and a prototype of your design might be produced!

  • Length: variable
  • Width: 0.06 meter
  • Height: 0.06 meter
Balk designcontest, ruimter uitgesneden

Designs will be accepted until May 31th. They can be anything and of any size, as long as it encourages the reuse of plastic in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. A few examples:

  • Construction elements: multifunctional walls, roof tiles, bridges, flood barriers;
  • Furniture: benches, tables, chairs, bins, desks;
  • Agricultural solutions: floating vegetable gardens, urban farming, aquaculture systems;
  • Gadgets or life hacks;
  • And many more...

We aim to produce a single limited-edition prototype of the winning design created by one of you innovative plastic designers. This prototype will be displayed on the HAN University to create awareness and inspire students.

Submissions can be sent by e-mail to Maarten Podt.

Submission requirements

  • Blueprints / technical drawing: Provide a practical visualization of your design that explains the construction and use of plastic sticks. Also make sure to mention the dimensions and volume [m3] of plastic in your design. 
  • Marketing pitch (video): Describe the usage and functionality of your design by walking us through a recorded video. How will this design stimulate the recycling of waste plastics? Is your design scalable for a greater purpose? Tell us why your design should win and be showcased on the university. Give us your best marketing pitch!


This contest is part of the Replastic project. For more information, see our project page.