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Impression of the application of knowlegde from Qualification and Validation Engineer course

The courseprovides:

  • Thorough basic knowledge of processes and regulations in the pharmaceutical/life sciences industry.
  • Extensive knowledge of relevant GMP quality systems (including documentation, deviation management, change control).
  • Knowledge and practical skills with respect to commissioning, qualification and validation.
  • In-depth knowledge of various types of equipment/installations & processes and the specific characteristics, risks, requirements and tests typically associated with them.
  • Soft skills and project management skills that will help you be effective in this work.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to work as a (junior) qualification and validation engineer. The course is also well suited for QA personnel who need to review validation and qualification processes and documentation for compliance with regulations and internal quality standards.

The program in a nutshell

Below you can find a selection of the topics that will be assessed in this post-bachelor course:

  • Understanding the life sciences & health industry
  • The development trajectory of a medicine or medical device
  • Pharmaceutical legislation in the life sciences industry
  • History and background of GMP and GDP
  • EU andFDA GMP regulations in more detail
  • Medical device regulations
  • Validation and qualification: Basic pharmaceutical processes
  • Overview of regulations and guidelines (guidance) regarding qualification and validation
  • The various steps in each validation and qualification process
  • Validation/qualification project management
  • Qualification of specific systems: water systems, clean rooms, process equipment
  • Production processes: process validation
  • Computerized systems validation
  • Analytical equipment (QC labs, IPCs)
  • Medical gases and compressed air
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Program details

Once you're finished...

... You will be able to work as a (junior) qualification and validation engineer. Furthermore, you have learned to perform the entire process of validation and qualification.

You also gained additional background knowledge and skills needed to practice the profession effectively in the pharmaceutical and life sciences environment.

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