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Careers in Engineering Systems

This master degree opens up a world of opportunities in the industry. You could be researching and designing engineering systems. Whatever direction you take, you’ll be working on more sustainable systems.

Job descriptions

With this master degree you can work at internationally operating companies and suppliers. The border region between the Netherlands and Germany offers excellent job opportunities for engineers. What’s more, you have the skills to manage projects and conduct applied research. Skills that are in high demand in this industry. You could apply for jobs like these:

  • Automotive Engineer

    As an automotive engineer, you can be involved in all stages of the engineering process, from research through to market demand, design and development, production, and the evaluation of vehicle systems and components. You can contribute to building and evaluating an engine, transmission and chassis systems and components, including all the underlying control strategies and embedded electronic systems.

  • Control Systems Engineer

    As a graduate of the master track Control Systems you will have countless job opportunities in the technical branches of industry. You will also be qualified to work outside the technical sector: your expertise will be welcome in higher education, research institutes and development groups in companies and organisations. The general applicability of the course will also qualify you to teach Control Systems Engineering anywhere in the world.

  • Embedded Systems Engineer

    As an embedded systems engineer, you develop innovative electronic products using microcontrollers and you are involved in the design, development, production an evaluation of all kinds of intelligent systems and smart devices. Using customer requirements and specifications, the embedded software/hardware developer develops the electronic hardware and software that make up a high-tech product.

  • Lean Engineer

    The Lean Engineer may work in a variety of functions, technical as well as managerial. Examples are product engineer, production engineer, project manager, lean facilitator, R&D manager, operations manager and innovation manager.

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