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The Automotive Systems program offers great flexibility! After completing the compulsory modules, you can specialize in “green mobility”, “smart mobility” or "advanced vehicle dynamics and control". Whatever you choose, you’re ahead of the game for developments in sustainable mobility.

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The modules

In the Automotive Systems track you follow 2 compulsory modules: Applied Control and Systems Modeling. All tracks of the Master in Engineering Systems follow these modules, so you'll be joining students of the other tracks. 

In the 2nd Year you also follow 2 elective modules. These are grouped into the themes 'Green Mobility', 'Smart Mobility' and 'Advanced Vehicle Dynamics and Control'. You can choose any combination of modules you like.

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Learn more about Automotive Systems

Meet lecturers & students

Get an inside view of the Automotive Systems program at HAN. Become a student for a day, join a sample lecture or meet 1:1 with a lecturer or student online. We are currently offering the following activities:

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Major project

The final step of this master degree is your major project. Here you investigate an automotive issue at your own workplace. Demonstrate your technical knowledge and skills as well as your communication, reporting and presenting skills. You get the support of a HAN staff member and a supervisor from your workplace. 

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The master in numbers

    1 dayof classesper week
    12 hoursof self-studyper week
    3 yearsto earn a degreein part-time
    90 creditsaccording to ECTSEuropean Credit Transfer System

Academic calendar, schedule, grading and ECTS

A good fit?

Does your background fit the Automotive Systems program? See whether you’re eligible for any program exemptions for subjects you’ve already covered in your previous education. Arrange an online meeting with a staff member to discover more.

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HAN Automotive Research

Applied research

During your studies, you get to work on innovative projects through HAN Automotive Research. Projects that HAN collaborates on with industry partners like Ford Research and DAF Trucks. You and your classmates collaborate on various themes. Take green mobility and the electrification of the powertrain. The research group builds and tests prototype vehicles and test rigs. Another theme is smart mobility. So, making vehicles smarter to prevent accidents, for example. As a student of this program, you don’t just see this research, you also roll up your sleeves and get involved in it!


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Master title and accreditation

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Admission & finances

All you need to know about admission requirements, tuition fees and the application process.

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