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Careers in Automotive Systems

This master degree opens up a world of opportunities in the automotive industry. You could be researching and designing engines. Developing and producing embedded electronic systems. Or evaluating chassis systems. Whatever direction you take, you’ll be working on more sustainable forms of mobility.

Streetdrone Automotive

After graduation

Job profiles

Job descriptions

With this master degree you can work at internationally operating automotive companies and suppliers. The border region between the Netherlands and Germany offers excellent job opportunities for automotive engineers. What’s more, you have the skills to manage projects and conduct applied research. Skills that are in high demand in this industry. You could apply for automotive jobs like these:

  • Vehicle Application Engineer

    A Vehicle Application Engineer compares customer technical requirements, specifications, and translates and implements these into vehicle applications. Tuning parameter setting, according to customer requirement, checking system functions and testing are part of the responsibility of the Vehicle Application Engineer.

  • Product Engineer

    Product Engineer designs, develops, tests and releases products for sale through a production and manufacturing process. The product engineer deals with the cost, producibility, reliability, serviceability, intended lifespan and user features.

  • Test Engineer R&D

    A Test Engineer participates in the development of complex vehicle systems. A Test Engineer contributes to the analysis, conceptual design and development, and tests complex hardware or software on vehicles and vehicle systems. He or she develops test procedures and equipment to support new product development, and supports continuous improvement projects.

  • Advanced Research Engineer

    An Advanced Research Engineer is responsible for finding and evaluating technologies and materials from adjacent industries in order to apply them to the products, while providing support and guidance on the integration of those technologies to new product development teams. An Advanced Research Engineer is responsible for helping drive technical innovation in new products through the appropriation of emergent technologies.

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