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The program starts 9 September 2024

Are you highly educated and interested in learning Dutch? HAN Language Center offers 4 successive courses. They help you prepare for the Dutch State Exam (level B2). You even reach level C1. Are you starting from level A2? Sign up for the Dutch B1 evening course!

In brief

    € 1599course fee
    HAN staff and alumni receive a 10% discount, HAN students receive a 50% discount.
    incl. materials
    30 sessionsin 15 weeks
    5 contact hoursper week
    7 self-study hoursper week
    20 studentsmax

Who is this course for?

Our Dutch courses are for the highly educated.Did you finish secondary school abroad at a level comparable to the Dutch HAVO level? Can you manage to do the intake interview in Dutch? If so, the Dutch B1 language course is for you. Be sure to check the admission requirements. 


You live in the Netherlands and you want to integrate. HAN Language Centre can teach you Dutch. And prepare you for program II of the Dutch State Exam. We have the Blik op Werk quality label. This means you can request a loan from DUO to pay for the course. You can also enroll in the course without an integration loan. In that case, you pay for the course yourself or your employer pays for you.

Program: Dutch B1 language course

You get to work on your Dutch. This course focuses on all 4 language skills:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

We also look at the relevant grammar and work on building your vocabulary. The lessons in this evening course are spread over 15 weeks.

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