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Careers in International Social Work

You can make a real difference with a career in International Social Work. Learn to teach communities and help solve societal problems. Contribute to an inclusive society. International social work organizations are always looking for someone with your skills! Someone with an interest in global themes and problems. Someone who wants to contribute to a better world.

Job Options with an International Social Work Degree at HAN University of Applied Sciences

Jobs in International Social Work

With a HAN bachelor degree in International Social Work, you can find jobs all over the world. Implement improvements, build bridges and work towards a healthy and inclusive society. You can become a "social world improver".

  • Social Worker

    As a social worker you support people living in a community in solving various problems and enhancing their socio-economic livability. From microcredits to unemployment. And from upbringing to education challenges.

  • Social-cultural worker

    Here you help neighborhood residents or specific groups in communities solve social and cultural problems and challenges. You look at how people relate to culture and use culture and arts activities to help people move forward.

  • Youth worker in a multicultural community

    You support neighborhood residents from different cultures with questions and problems. You understand the issues they encounter and support them in improving their perspectives and quality of life.

  • Social worker in a refugee camp

    As a social worker in a refugee camp, you aid refugees with their very specific needs, fears and requests. You support them in finding their way towards a humane existence and a better life.

  • Social worker in an asylum center

    As a social worker in an asylum center, you have a vast experience with different cultures and global problems. You are a big support for asylum seekers who often find themselves in very vulnerable situations.

  • Project leader in community development

    Help people live better together. You might set up a youth center, develop cultural activities and support people in working together for a better future. As a project leader, you coordinate various initiatives for the community.

  • Social project developer for victims of natural disasters

    You work with victims of natural disasters and assist in the many different things they need. You set up projects. Provide shelter and safety. And work with the victims to find ways to rebuild their lives.

  • Leader in development projects

    You lead a group of caregivers and volunteers who apply themselves to helping people build a better life. For example: working towards better hygiene and providing hygiene education in a township in South-Africa.

Interview with Rory Truell

The relevance of international social work

The next step after graduating

So now you have your bachelor degree in International Social Work. What’s your next step? Finding work in the social work sector? Why not use HAN’s alumni network and connect to a wide range of companies and organizations around the globe. The options are wide and varied.

international social work ambassadeur rory truell
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All about the admission requirements, scholarschips and tuition fees. And how to apply.

international social work ambassadeur rory truell