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Careers in electrical and electronic engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering is a career for the future. Your skills are needed for the transition to sustainable energy, for example. And for the creation of smart, user-friendly machines and devices. Become an electrical engineer and help shape our future.

Electrical and electronic engineering jobs

With a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering you can find jobs in the commercial and public sector. For example, in product manufacturing, electro-technical companies, oil and gas processing, food processing or the energy sector. Here are some electrical engineering jobs you could pursue:

  • Hardware developer

    As a hardware developer, you develop innovative electronic products. More specifically, the electronic hardware for these products. You do this using microcontrollers. Customer requirements and specifications are crucial. Your teammates are other engineers and professionals from other disciplines.

  • Industrial automation developer

    As an industrial automation developer, you analyze, design, simulate, program and test automated machinery and processes. The aim? To perform exact or repetitive tasks. Using the same IT solutions used in visualization and monitoring. Possible industries? Product manufacturing, oil and gas processing or food processing. 

  • Power engineer

    As a power engineer, you design electrical transmission systems. This involves tasks like calculating and simulating power transmission systems. Also, reviewing power system designs, observing field acceptance tests and inspecting power systems. 

The next step after graduating

So now you have your Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The next step? Finding a job is simple. After all, electrical engineers are in high demand: 100% of our graduates find work within a year. Also, you can use HAN’s alumni network to connect with international companies and research institutes. So you’ll have no trouble finding the right electrical engineering job for you. 

What Can You Do with an Electrical Engineering Degree | HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands
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Admission & Finances

All about the admission requirements, scholarships and tuition fees. And how to apply.

What Can You Do with an Electrical Engineering Degree | HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands