First certificate Robotics route awarded to Mechanical Engineering student

On Friday 5 July, it was a double celebration for Tiemen van Rijswijk. The ambitious mechanical engineering student at the HAN not only received his hbo diploma with the designation 'Cum Laude', but also the very first Certificate of the Robotics Theme Route!

Uitreiking van het eerste certificaat voor de themaroute Robotics aan Tiemen, student Werktuigbouwkunde

Tiemen's achievement is great recognition for his hard work and dedication. He is an inspiring example for other students considering delving into the exciting world of robotics.

While studying Mechanical Engineering, Tiemen passionately immersed himself in the world of robotics. He followed several projects within the Robotics Theme Route, in which he worked intensively for a total of five semesters. From these learning experiences, Tiemen was prepared to make a valuable contribution to innovative developments within the robotics industry.

Uitreiking van het eerste certificaat voor de themaroute Robotics aan Tiemen, student Werktuigbouwkunde aan de HAN
Mechanical engineering student Tiemen van Rijswijk receives the first certificate of the Robotics Theme Route from lecturer Sjoerd Timmermans | Photo: HAN

Robotics Theme Route

The Robotics Theme Route is a unique pathway within HAN's Automotive, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, and Mechanical Engineering programmes. It allows students with an interest in robotics to gain additional knowledge and skills in this field.

Together with the Netherlands Institute for Industrial Robotics, we are working on this theme route. Students who successfully complete the theme route, obtain sufficient credits and have received project approval from the Robotics Board receive the Robotics Engineer certificate.


If you are interested then apply to: Robotics Board at Together we will discuss your motivations and requirements (including the content of subjects, minors and projects). We provide a guidance programme and coordinate required knowledge. You will participate in research projects, collaborate with industry and receive master classes and workshops from HAN lecturer-researchers and external experts.