Student team HAN Automotive Engineering achieves 2nd place with golden edge

The bachelor team of Automotive with the hydrogen name HAN Hydromotive, achieved a fantastic performance during the Shell Eco Marathon on 24 May 2024 at the circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro (France)! The student team once again achieved 2nd place in the prestigious competition, with a new team record of 277 km/m3.

Student team HAN Automotive achieves 2nd place with golden edge at Shell Eco Marathon 2024

Compared to last year, this result is a huge improvement of 27%, which is an incredible achievement for the team. Achieved in just one academic year! The HAN Hydromotive students have thus once again proved that they are among the top student teams in Europe and Africa.

​No gold by the narrowest of margins

Unfortunately, HAN Hydromotive fell just short of 1st place.Nantes Polytech University, a formidable competitor for years, managed to achieve an even better result in their final round. Such a shame for the HAN Hydromotive students who narrowly missed out on a gold medal. A third podium finish in a row though (in 2024, 2023 and 2022), which is a great achievement.

"We are extremely proud of this result!", said team manager Mees de Groot. "We have made some great strides in the development of our hydrogen car this year, and that has definitely paid off. We thank our sponsors very; gladly for their support.Without them, none of this would have been possible."

The HAN Hydromotive students, who are in the 2nd year of their Automotive studies, look back on their adventure in Nogaro with pride.Not only did they achieve a great performance, but they also learned a lot about teamwork, engineering and innovation.


About the Shell Eco Marathon

The Shell Eco Marathon is an international competition where student teams from all over the world compete to build the most efficient car. The teams drive on various circuits in Europe, aiming to get as far as possible on a litre of fuel.

HAN Hydromotive team members busy preparing for the Shell Eco Marathon
HAN Hydromotive team members busy preparing for the Shell Eco Marathon

About HAN Hydromotive

HAN Hydromotive is a student team from the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. The team develops and builds hydrogen cars to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon.

HAN Hydromotive aims to promote clean, green mobility and the use of hydrogen, every academic year with a fresh new student team!


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