Embedded Systems Engineering students develop Bluetooth application in record time

On 27 March, HAN’s 3rd year Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) students participated in an unforgettable Zephyr workshop to conclude their Real Time Operating System (RTOS) course. RTOS is a real-time operating system for embedded systems. How did the students manage to develop a Bluetooth application in such a short time?

ESE students attended Nordic's unforgettable Zephyr workshop at HAN University of Applied Sciences

Made by ESE

Patrick Noordhoek and Frans Lutz from Nordic Semiconductor, the market leader in Bluetooth chips, provided a hands-on workshop to introduce the ESE students to the nRF Connect SDK software development kit. The students were able to use the kit to create a Bluetooth BLE application in a relatively short time.

Nordic is known for its developer-centric philosophy and highly accessible support and training. The ESE students got to experience this first-hand. They each developed a Bluetooth BLE application for the nRF52DK development kit and were allowed to keep it. Completely "Made by ESE".

It was a very successful day and a lot was learned in a short time. The ESE program would like to thank Patrick, Frans and Nordic for this special workshop!

Source and photography: HAN ESE