Student team HFS Racing receives smartsheet licence

HFS Racing team can now always view and track the current status of their amazing engineering student project thanks to a smartsheet licence from their new sponsor Smart4B.

ac6d98c0-e606-11ee-8f0d-dfb81e972d6d Studententeam HAN Formula Student (HFS) seizoen 2023-2024

All by themselves

A group of 2nd- and 3rd-year Engineering and Automotive students, led by team principal and president Santiago Sanchez, are working to develop an electric race car. For the first time since the team started in 2015, their race car will be electrically powered, so that brings with it some challenges. The team is doing everything from A to Z all by themselves, under the guidance of some Automotive lecturers.

Smart4B supports the total of 30 students with a nice amount of money and the Smartsheet licence. Santiago has only just started working with it, but is already noticing how much time it can save. The goal is for the whole team to work with it, so that every team member can always see the current status of the project. Smart4B is not the only sponsor. HFS has also received support from ACE Mobility, Ndus3, Shell, Broekhuis, Jadima and ECH Group since this academic year.

ff422020-e606-11ee-9554-d2118bb17731 Werkplaats HAN Formula student HFS racingteam
Workspace of HAN Formula Student team. Photo: HFS Racing

Passion for innovation and engineering

A passion for innovation and engineering has led students to the exciting world of Formula Student racing, where HAN students compete against teams from other colleges and universities. As a team, HFS works tirelessly to develop skills in all aspects of vehicle design. From aerodynamics to powertrain to driver experience.

Through collaboration and communication, HFS strives to achieve great things together. The team constantly pushes the boundaries of technical innovation and is always looking for new and better solutions to the challenges they face. And above all, HFS strives for excellence in everything they do, whether it is designing and building the race car or representing HAN University of Applied Sciences in international competitions.

The HFS-07 race car is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. This will be followed by the unveiling of the electric race car and then another test day will take place. The aim is to participate in Formula Student Netherlands from 13 to 18 July at the TT circuit in Assen. We already can't wait to see the final result!