Lunar New Year Celebration Illuminates International School of Business

This month, on February 8th, the campus of International School of Business celebrated the Lunar New Year with a vibrant event that honored the rich cultural traditions of Asia. Hosted by the ISB Community, the festivities brought together around 70 students and staff for an unforgettable celebration marking the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. It served as a reminder of the value of cultural diversity and inclusion on campus and underscored the importance of celebrating different traditions and backgrounds.

087dfcb0-d656-11ee-b1c7-805f2898bfd8 A festivity during Lunar New Year


The event kicked off with insightful presentations, done by students in traditional attire. Students got to know the traditions of Korea, Vietnam and China. Food, music and games were shared, such as Chinese calligraphy, Korean Ddakji and Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls.

Being able to showcase Vietnamese Lunar New Year to international students was incredible! Lovely to see how they went on a roller coaster of emotions with our fun game – Lo To. And I think I found my new talent in calligraphy!


With delicious food, foreign music, and festivities, International School of Business looks back to a delightful event. The event brought a sense of joy and unity to the campus, embracing the spirit of the new year with open arms and cultivating a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

The International School of Business has a tight-knit community where students, lecturers and staff come together. Throughout the year, the community organizes many events to connect students and staff. They host talent shows, community dinners, sporting events, watch movies in the auditorium and attend masterclasses.

​The night ended with a familiar game, Lo To: the Vietnamese word for lottery bingo. Lucky winners went home with a gift voucher.

483294b0-d656-11ee-83cc-477586981bad Lunar New Year activity

Thank you to all who put their time and effort into creating such a beautiful event. It was a blast to attend.

Impression of last Lunar New Year