Possible public transport strikes on 3, 5 and 7 April

Treinspoorwijk Nijmegen. Zwaartepunt Health

There might be strikes again in the local public transport sector on Monday 3 April, Wednesday 5 April and Friday 7 April. You may be affected by this. Classes and exams will go ahead as usual.


Check travel planners and leave on time

Not all public transport workers are on strike, so public transport will continue to operate during the strike period, but with some bus and train cancellations. NS is not on strike. Before you leave, check your travel planner (e.g. 9292.nl). Keep a close eye on the 9292.nl website for the latest updates and to check if your train or bus is running. And allow for longer travel times. Using your own means of transport? Keep in mind that the roads can be busy. The parking areas at HAN may also be fuller than usual.  


Classes and exams to go ahead

Classes and exams will go ahead as planned. Make sure to check travel planners and leave on time. 

  • Do you have an exam? Then cancel your registration using this form: OSIRIS (student information system) (han.nl). Also, mention in the comments field that you cannot attend the exam because of the public transport strike. This way you won't lose an exam opportunity.
  • Do you have another educational activity with an attendance requirement? Then contact your lecturer.