Strikes in regional public transport 28 Feb-7 Apr

As of Tuesday 28 February, there will be more strikes in regional public transport, affecting both bus and train timetables.

Public Transport Strikes Again

The strikes are planned on 15 days within a 6-week period (check here for the exact days and public transport companies - in Dutch). If you travel to HAN by public transport, you may be affected. 

Classes will continue

Classes will be held as usual. Are you unable to get to HAN on time and do you have an educational activity with an attendance requirement? Then contact your lecturer. 

Do you have an exam you cannot attend on time? Use this form to cancel your exam registration: OSIRIS (student information system) (login required). Also, mention in the comments field that you cannot attend the exam because of the public transport strike. This way you won't lose an exam opportunity.

Check travel planners and leave on time

Not all public transport workers are on strike, so public transport will continue to operate during the strike period, but with some bus and train cancellations. NS is not on strike. 
Before you leave, check your travel planner (e.g. and allow for longer travel times.  

We hope these strikes won’t affect you too much and that you’ll be able to get to HAN on time.