FoodX Visit ISB

For February 16th's Study Day, the International School of Business visited FoodX in Ede. In case you weren't there, here's what you missed.

presentatie groente en fruit op tafel

What is FoodX?

FoodX specializes in developing sustainable food solutions to be a catalyst in the transition to a sustainable food sector. FoodX uses technology to help create a more sustainable and healthier food system for the future.

FoodX also provides consulting services to help food companies improve their sustainability and reduce their environmental impact. In their partnerships, they aim to be “Ecosystem Matchmakers” that match new solutions with local areas and challenges. 

Trend Taste Test!

40 ISB colleagues were greeted upon arrival at 9:30 with coffee and fresh tea, along with a “Trend Taste” poffertje with sustainable slagroom (whipped cream). Hosts Ms. Joyce Nuys and Mr. Roger van Hoesel welcomed them and explained what FoodX is all about. 

Plate of Poffertjes met slagroom

Sustainable Solutions in 3D

ISB colleagues experienced via a VR simulator the innovations in Dutch Food & Agribusiness. The simulation took apart the ingredients of a hamburger, exploring the range of substitutions that can be made throughout the process of creating that hamburger to create less unsustainable output?

For example, bugs are a more sustainable source of protein, they require less farmland and less water to make the same amount of food. It takes just one square meter of space to produce 1 kilogram of bug-based-meat, while it takes around 200 square meters of land to produce 1 kilogram of beef. 

Ingeborg wears VR glasses

World Food Center

Finally, Mr. Dirk Lubbers introduced the up-and-coming “World Food Center”, an attraction that will aim to educate young children about the importance of health and food through interactive activities. 

The center aims to in turn inspire consumers, policymakers, and businesses about the need for sustainable food systems that can feed a growing global population while minimizing environmental impact.  

The attraction aims to be finished by 2023, so the doors can be open to 300,000 visitors per year starting in 2024. 

Foto van man en kind die samen een boom planten