HAN joins the NSE 2023

The National Student Survey (NSE) is distributed each year to nearly all students in Dutch higher education. Students enrolled in both research universities and universities of applied sciences can voice their opinions about their study program. HAN is joining again.

Studenten zitten achter laptops bij Tri Movere.

NSE: A valuable source of information

The 2023 survey is taking place between 16 January and 12 March. HAN uses the results for the recruitment of new students. Not only is the data a valuable source of information for HAN - it also helps students compare degree courses of their interest. The student ratings form the basis for the annual Keuzegids course guide and the education special published by the weekly magazine Elsevier. This allows students to compare degree courses of their interest. In addition, HAN uses the results as a resource to improve its education.

Survey topics

The survey covers the following aspects:

  • curriculum, acquired skills and career preparation;
  • lecturers, information provided by the institution, examination and assessment;
  • study facilities, class schedules, study load and student support.


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