HAN adjusts temperature in buildings

Our energy bills are rising, we want to use less Russian gas, and we want to combat climate change. That’s why the government is advising us to save energy more and faster. HAN will therefore adjust the temperature in its buildings from the summer vacations onwards.

Nieuwsbericht HAN past temperatuur in haar gebouwen aan


HAN already heats and cools all buildings as sustainably as possible:

  • All HAN buildings have a set temperature of 20°C. In many government buildings, a base temperature of 21°C is used.
  • In summers with higher outdoor temperatures (approximately late May through mid-September), the buildings are not heated to avoid unnecessary heating.
  • During summer vacations, buildings that are not open are not air conditioned.

Making a difference

Like other government agencies and in line with our institutional plan Charting our Course 2022-2028, HAN is also following the government's advice to implement additional energy savings.

We reduce climate change by working together to lower carbon emissions. That’s how we make a difference for a smart, green and social world of tomorrow.

Adjusting the temperature

After careful examination, the Executive Board has decided on the following for all HAN buildings starting this summer vacation:

  • in buildings where air conditioning is used, to have it take effect only from 24°C (instead of the current 23°C)
  • reduce the base temperature in the buildings by 1 degree in winter (to 19°C).

The importance of employees and students being able to work and study in a pleasant climate remains paramount. In the fall of 2022, HAN Real Estate and Property Management will evaluate this adjustment based on any reports from staff and students.