Studying Automotive Engineering: Answers to FAQs

What are the questions students frequently ask when thinking about a bachelor degree in Automotive Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences? We've made a handy list of them here with answers. Also interesting for parents and/or guardians!

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FAQs for prospective students

How long does the program take?

The bachelor program Automotive Engineering takes 4 years.

Do you need practical automotive knowledge before starting?

No. You'll be fully educated to become an Automotive Engineer. Not a mechanic or a car salesman. You'll learn all the practical skills you need during the program.

How many students start Automotive Engineering at HAN each year?

Around 300 students start each year. 200 students in the Dutch program and about 100 students in the international program. Students come from all over the world to join the international program. Dutch students can join it too.

Do girls study Automotive Engineering at HAN?

Yes! Although the number of female students is limited. Women are in high demand in the automotive industry and in the developments for green and smart mobility.

How many students get a job right after graduation?

Over 95% of students who graduated in the last 4 years found a job within 3 months. There’s still a great shortage of Automotive Engineers with powertrain and business skills.

Can I do my internship or graduation project outside the Netherlands?

There is a great demand for automotive engineers both in the Netherlands and abroad. So you can do your internship, your minor and your graduation project in the country of your choice.

Why should I choose to study Automotive Engineering at HAN?

HAN University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and oldest educational centers for automotive engineering in Europe. It has a history over 80 years and a large alumni network. All former students are part of this network.  

We have great expertise in all areas of automotive engineering and a large, well-equipped and modern laboratory for testing and research. And you can choose from numerous specializations based on the actual demand from high-tech industry. 

We have a large and vibrant international student community in Arnhem. We also have an international research organization with a focus on intelligent mobility (e.g. autonomous driving) and green mobility (e.g. alternative fuels).

Is the bachelor the only degree offered in Automotive Engineering?

Next to our bachelor, we offer a professional master degree, taught completely in English: the Master in Engineering Systems. It has 5 tracks, including Automotive Systems.

What does the Automotive Engineering program look like?

In the first 1½ years you develop your basic automotive knowledge. After this you focus on your specializations in 2 semesters, do your internship, your minor and conclude your studies with a graduation project. For each student the program is different because you can largely determine your own study path.

What are the specializations?

You can specialize in:

  • Business & Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Powertrain
  • Structural Design
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Vehicle Electronics & Control

When do I choose my specialization?

In your 3rd semester you choose 2 specializations. In your 6th semester you choose your final specialization.

Automotive studenten werken aan vehicle eco marathon
Students working on ECO vehicle

What will my schedule look like in the 1st year?

The academic year is divided into 4 terms of 9 or 10 weeks. You have one set day for practical work and classes on the other days. The classes can differ per week. You have around 24 contact hours each week. That includes projects, classes and practical work. Besides that you work at home to study and make reports. It's best to reserve at least 40 hours per week for your studies.

What kind of support will I get as a student?

In the 1st year of your studies you get a study coach. That’s a lecturer who guides you through your program and gives you advice on all sorts of study-related and personal issues.

Will I work on projects?

Yes! Your education will be project-based. That's because we're a university of applied sciences.

Can I use my own idea for one of the projects?

Does the idea fit into the curriculum? And you can convince the board of examiners? Then yes! We'll do everything we can to support you. 

Are there extra activities for students?

HAN Automotive has 5 student teams, who participate in national and international competitions. You can join one of the teams during your studies. Being part of one of these teams helps you apply your knowledge and build friendships for the rest of your life. We advise you to join one of the teams after your 1st year. 

Visit the teams on their websites:

How do I become a member of a student team?

To become a member, you need to apply. There are no costs involved, but you do need to put in quite a lot of time. Once you join, the team counts on you.

Are there enough places for internships and graduation projects?

Every year we have more places for internships and graduation projects than students. HAN Automotive Engineering has a great network in the automotive industry both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Is it easy to find a room in Arnhem?

We don’t know the actual situation, but a lot of students find rooms very quickly. Go to our Housing page for more info.

Is there a limit on the number of students?

HAN Automotive Engineering is organized to allow over 300 new students every year. So far, we have no limit on the number of students. Do you meet the admission requirements? And are you motivated to study automotive engineering? Then you can start studying at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Student Automotive HART rallyteam vertelt op Open Dag
Students answering questions at the HAN Open Day

FAQs for parents / guardians

What does it cost to study Automotive Engineering?

The annual tuition fee is set each year. For further details please check the Admission and finances page. Next, you need a good laptop. For books and study trips we estimate around €950 for the 1st year.

What does it cost to rent a room?

A room in Arnhem will cost you around €450 a month.

What's the drop-out rate?

Around 30% of the students who start at HAN Automotive Engineering will drop out during or after the 1st year. Most students who drop out don't actually start the program. Moving away from home to study abroad turned out to be too big a step for them. Even so, we do everything we can to prevent students from dropping out. By offering resits, extra classes, extra coaching and professional guidance.

Is Automotive Engineering a good choice these days?

The automotive industry is changing. Traditional combustion engines are making way for (hybrid) electrically propelled engines, both in passenger cars and in vehicles for heavy industry. That puts automotive engineers in high demand. We expect this demand to last for many years. Guarantees can never be given though.

Are there opportunities for further education after this bachelor degree?

Yes. Your child can continue studying in a professional master program at HAN: the Master in Engineering Systems. One of the tracks within that master is Automotive Systems. Another option is doing further studies at a research university. In that case a pre-master (bridging program) is usually required first.

Is there support for students with special needs?

At HAN Automotive Engineering we are very familiar with all the possible limitations students can have, like dyslexia, ADHD, autism etc. Besides our study coaches, at HAN we have a lot of professionals working to facilitate special requests. We only take action once we have the student’s full agreement.

Studenten komen na de lessen samen bij Lokaal 99 om iets te drinken. Op de achtergrond het onderwijsgebouw van Engineering en Automotive.
Relaxing at the Campus in Arnhem at student cafe

Still have questions?

Feel free to send us a mail with your questions. Whether you're a prospective student or parent/guardian, we're happy to answer all your questions as soon as we can!

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