HAN Smart Production Center develops cost-effective lightweight applications

The HAN Smart Production Center (SPC) field lab will play a prominent role within CONNECTR to develop cost-efficient, lightweight applications. These applications will make a fundamental contribution to saving energy and increasing the range of electric cars.

Smart Production Centre workflow getekend door studenten. Dit SPC is onderdeel van het Lectoraat HAN Automotive Research
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The SPC will also play an important role in linking regional, national and international companies and people who wish to access and collaborate on research, development or education.

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How the HAN SPC field lab works

Why the HAN Smart Production Center?

The HAN Smart Production Center (SPC) field lab is a shared facility. The lab aims to be a fully-fledged (TRL7) pilot plant and an inspiring hybrid working, learning and research environment. Various concepts and techniques come together in the lab, such as Multi-Material Engineering, Digital Twinning and automation.

The SPC is an environment that is driven primarily by practice-based questions and projects from industry. The center focuses specifically on a number of aspects. One of them is application development. Other topics include the optimization of the production process of components in the (e-)mobility sector. These include lightweight thermoplastic (semi-)structural parts. 

One of the goals is to use this so-called long-fibre thermoplastic material (LFT) as a basis in the production process. That’s because LFT material is suitable for larger volume production. The material can also be used cost-effectively.

About the SPC

The SPC is an initiative and part of the HAN Automotive Research Center and so the HAN School of Engineering and Automotive. The SPC is currently located at the Industry Park Kleefse Waard in Arnhem. By the end of 2021 it will have a prominent place in the new CONNECTR.

Contact person: Peter Coppens.