2022 International Week: Health & Social Studies

In 2022 HAN is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the International Week at Health and Social Studies! This week will be held at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen from Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 February 2022.

141495 Studenten draaien aan wereldbol

Opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge

The International Week gives students and lecturers the opportunity to meet international colleagues and exchange knowledge and experiences on topics related to health and wellness. Participants can discuss the latest developments in the profession and in education. And this week can help strengthen current partnerships and build new ones.

Participants and program

The conference will be attended by about 2,000 of our 2nd-year students from the following schools:

  • School of Social Studies
  • School of Health Studies
  • School of Allied Health

The program consists of lectures, workshops and exchange sessions. If needed due to COVID-19, we will offer an adapted (online) program. HAN hopes to welcome international colleagues from all over the world as contributors to the program of 2022.

More info

More information about the program. Check out last year's program to already get an idea.

Would you like more information? Or do you want to contact us about your participation? Mail us at internationalweek.hss@han.nl.