ISB Talent Event 2021

The very first virtual edition of the ISB Talent Event on 3 & 4 June was a great success! During the online event, we hosted 24 lecturers from 16 partner universities around the world, who assessed the project presentations of 67 International Business and Communication students.

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Well done to our students

On Thursday, each international panel assessed the presentations of the student teams who worked on similar assignments. We congratulate all the participating students, who did an excellent job showcasing our education! They received a lot of valuable feedback from their international assessors, who were full of praise for the high standards they witnessed.

The students also had the opportunity to work on their networking skills and connect with the international lecturers on their panel. 

At the end of the day, each panel selected a winning group to compete against the other winning groups at the Grand Finale on Friday, 4 June. 

The level of the presentations, both content wise and in terms of presentation techniques was excellent! Considering that they were 2nd year bachelor students, it was really professional and they did a good job as consultants.

ISB Talent Award 2021 

and the winner is...

The final presentations were judged by all the panel members. All the students did a fantastic job, but there could be only one winner:

CONGRATULATIONS to Finance students Aloisius Jonathan, Oleksandra Zamiatlinska, Zoe Andreou and Vanessa Gerlach for their Foreign Direct Investment assignment CSN Energy!! 

According to the panel who selected them for the final, their market research, financial research and analysis were very good. They had also thought about the strategy they wanted to follow and their presentation was of a high standard. 

The students received a €500 cash prize and trophy.

ISB Talent Event 2021 winners
The winning team: Aloisius Jonathan, Oleksandra Zamiatlinska, Zoe Andreou and Vanessa Gerlach

We also very much appreciated the work of the project leader of the module for his guidance and we could also see how much work has gone in to the preparation of the teams and the simulation.

My Linkedin account has exploded with invitations to connect and I take that as a very positive reinforcement that what you folks are doing over there is working. They (the students) want to keep their networks!