Creating a new strategic plan together

Working together on HAN’s new strategic plan: that was the goal of the Future Festival, which took place on 1 April. Staff, lecturers, professors and student members of the Participation Council came together online to share knowledge and put their ideas in writing.

Landingspagina HAN Toekomstfestival

This was an important day for HAN! We are gathering the ingredients for our new direction, which we will lay out in the new Institutional Plan (2022 through 2027).

Topics that were discussed in the morning included Study Coaching and Student Wellbeing, Lifelong Development, and Working in the Triangle of Education, Research, and the Professional Field. In the afternoon, participants shared their visions for HAN and were joined by the Executive Board.


This was only the start of this effort! In the coming months, we will continue to gather and share input. Think of prospects, trends and developments in the region, the Netherlands and abroad. We will also collect ideas from other key target groups, such as current and prospective students, and the professional field.