Students certified to work safely on e-vehicles

12 HAN students and 3 lecturers/coaches at the Mobility Innovation Center (MIC) at Industry Park Kleefse Waard recently received the NEN 9140 basic certificate (Safe working on e-vehicles).

SEE, stekker elektrische auto

Training course and certification

HAN students and HAN coaches took a training course organised by CPM HAN Automotive Institute in late October. They successfully completed the final tests. They received the NEN 9140 certificate from Ertan Ertunç, program director of post-graduate and customised courses at HAN.

Because work safety is a top priority, holding the safety certificate is a requirement for all project staff working on e-vehicles and battery systems in the MIC lab. The course was offered for free by HAN.

NEN 9140 safety standard

The certificate means that for the coming years the HAN students and staff meet the NEN 9140 safety standard. This standard is specifically about the safety of people working with e-vehicles. It sets out which actions a technician with a certain level of knowledge is allowed to carry out and which safety and protection measures they have to take. The health risks for electric vehicles differ from those of vehicles with internal combustion engines. One difference is that e-vehicles have an electric current of up to 700 volts.