Queen Máxima visits ElanArt at HAN

On Wednesday 8 January 2020 Queen Máxima visited the HAN campus in Nijmegen. The reason? To see the work of the ElanArt foundation, winner of the Appeltje van Oranje (Apple of Orange) in 2019 and collaboration partner of HAN.


"Appeltjes van Oranje"

Each year the Oranje Fonds awards the "Appeltjes van Oranje" to organizations that have made an important contribution to society. The winner of the 2019 Appeltje was ElanArt. It offers young people from refugee centres in Elden, Grave, Nijmegen and Overloon the chance to build up their network and discover their talents. They collaborate on artistic and creative projects. Students and lecturers at HAN also work on these projects.

ElanArt foundation - bridging the gap

The ElanArt foundation, founded by Iranian refugee Masoud Rahaee, aims to connect young refugees with a range of people and organizations. They do so based on the idea that art and culture are a way to bridge the gap between newcomers and society. The foundation, with some 80 volunteers, wants to stimulate the integration of young refugees in the Netherlands using dance, music and cooking projects. For example, by connecting them with various people and organizations. The close collaboration with HAN leads to interaction between students and newcomers.

Presentations and meetings

During her work visit, Queen Máxima spoke to representatives of ElanArt about the foundation’s approach and development. She attended a few presentations of project participants. And she talked to some of the volunteers about what the initiative means to them.

About the Oranje Fonds

The Oranje Fonds works on building an inclusive society. A society where people are there for each other and where everyone can join in. That’s why it mobilizes, strengthens and supports people and organizations whose aim is to ensure nobody is left out. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are protectors of the Oranje Fonds.