Mayor Marcouch ambassador of HAN student project

Driving to Morocco in a Renault 4L to help schools and children in poor areas. A team of 12 HAN students are taking part in this very worthwhile charity. They're from 11 different countries and 3 different degree courses. Real champions!

HAN 4L trophy rijders Nathan en Sam schudden handen

Humanitarian rally to Morocco

The students are from the degree courses Automotive EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering and Communication . The Mayor of Arnhem, Ahmed Marcouch, has great admiration for the international student team that’s taking part in a large humanitarian rally to Morocco in February 2020.

That’s why he paid a special visit to talk to the students at HAN Automotive on 21 November. The mayor has now embraced this project as its ambassador!

HAN 4L trophy rijders Nathan en Sam schudden handen
Sam Voncken and Nathan Gaté

Helping young people in poor areas

In mid-December the students need to have their oldtimer ready for the rally, which starts in February. Together with thousands of others, they are driving from Biarritz in France to Marrakesh in Morocco. They’re bringing school supplies, preserved food and money to schools in poor areas.

For a better world

According to Mayor Marcouch, the students are full of enthusiasm and motivation for this aid project. ‘This team is daring. They went to the director of the HAN Automotive Institute and to the HAN Executive Board themselves. Because they want to do this. And it’s not just about a car or a rally. It’s much more! They’re linking it to a humanitarian aim for a better world. They’re doing this with a really diverse group, which is literally and figuratively crossing borders. This is really Arnhem at its best’, relates the proud mayor.