Automotive Engineering Online Open Days 9 & 10 May

van een motor en meiden in de techniek
09 May
10 May
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Great that you are interested in Automotive Engineering! The Online Open Days were on 9 and 10 May. Haven't decided yet? You can of course still scroll around here. Take another look at the recorded information. Plenty to see!

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Warm welcome to you by lecturer Koen Lau

Welcome to our online Open Day at Automotive Engineering!


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For a fun look behind the scenes of our student teams, visit the instagrams of HAN Automotive Rally Team, HAN Hydromotive, HAN Formula Student Team (international group of students), Motor Racing Team or HAN 4L (new international team).

van een motor en meiden in de techniek
Ask your questions through Insta Live stories

Live Q&A

Automotive Engineering students answer your questions through Instastory InstaStories @hfsracingteam on 10 May from 10.45am till 11.15am (GMT+1). With students Joëlle Vromans en Ricky Hirani. Say hello to them!

van een motor en meiden in de techniek
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Have general questions? We are ready for your questions on 9 & 10 May. Ask away on our Whatsapp number: 0031 24 353 0500. Every questions matters when it comes to choosing the right study for you. Dare to ask more!

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Chatting with Automotive Engineering

Chat Room in Teams

Questions about this program? We’re ready for you in Teams on Sunday 10 May!

Look at it like an online drop-in room: between 10am and 3pm (GMT+1) you’re free to ‘walk’ in and out of Teams whenever you want. You don’t have to sign up first. You can ask questions in the chat, so your microphone and camera stay turned off. Handy: you’ll also see other people’s questions and answers!

last een e-step automotive engineering business
Watch the video to learn more!

Automotive Engineering | Automotive on the move

Who uses the least energy?

Ecomarathon: build your own vehicle

In the HAN Ecomarathon project, student teams build their own vehicles in the first academic year to drive as economically as possible. An average speed of at least 15 km/h must be achieved. That is quite difficult!

Student Richenel Cornelissen can discuss this. "At the Ecomarathon, the team that uses the least energy is the winner. That means low rolling resistance, air resistance, economical engine, light weight, etc."

But yes, the construction of a vehicle today in the corona crisis is not an issue and the rally on the Lelystad circuit at the end of the period has also been canceled. Richenel: "For many students, that was the most fun part of it all. We all broke down and our project became a mess. We just couldn't work together remotely."

Yet it was precisely because of this, they found the strength to continue. In consultation with HAN-teacher and supervisor Wijnand Zwart, it was decided that each team member will be individually assessed on their share in the project. That gave the inspiration allmost to everyone to make something of it. The students started working on it as a team. And now? Miraculously it is going very well again! The design of the vehicle of Richenel's team has been positively reviewed, even if it is not built.

The order has been completed with the design of an alternative to the Stint, a brand name for an electric powered vehicle from the company Stint Urban Mobility designed for the transport of children. The students come up with a business case around it. In this way, both the technicians and the business management students of Automotive can get back to work. After all, a good design is only good if it is legally permitted and economically feasible!

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The incredible story of HAN 4L Trophy Student Team


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