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International students Diego, Tam, Nyugen, Noa and Andrei studying in the library at the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.
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Why join an Online Open Day? Because it makes things clear and simple. Can't make it? Or want a sneak peek? Watch our previous talk shows. Get all the answers to your questions in 45 minutes or less. Hear what our students like about studying at HAN. And get exclusive tips and tricks!

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We've recorded all our talk shows for you! Tune in and find out everything you want to know about:​

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  • Classes
  • Housing
  • Admission
  • Scholarships
  • And many more topics!


10 Reasons To Study at HAN

What do our students love about studying at HAN? What fun things can you do in Arnhem and Nijmegen? Find out Jay, Olga and Matilde’s 10 reasons to study at HAN.

Watch the full recording (30 minutes)

Everything you need to know about admission

Considering applying to HAN University of Applied Sciences? In this talk show segment, Rafael shares how he felt about the application process at HAN. It's easier than you think!

Watch the full recording (44 minutes)

Talk show VISA

How do you apply for a visa? Does the visa cover all the years of studying? Who can you turn to with questions? Tune in to our talk show VISA to find out the answers.

Scholarships at HAN

How do you apply for a scholarship at HAN? What are the scholarship criteria? Rebeca (Automotive Engineering student from Brazil) and Magda Lichtenberg (Admission Office employee) explain how it works, step by step.

Watch the full recording (38 minutes)

Housing in Arnhem & Nijmegen

Wondering how to get a student room in Arnhem or Nijmegen? Want to know when should you start looking and how HAN Housing can help students find a room? Listen to this talk show snippet to find out.

Student support at HAN

How can HAN help students with special circumstances? Who do you turn to with questions about your study progress or personal matters? Our students discuss what the student support centre at HAN is like.

Career preparation

How do you prepare for your career after graduation? And how can HAN help you make the most out of your studies for your future professional career? International student Cristina shares how the curriculum and support at HAN helped her feel prepared to enter the professional field.

Campus vibes in Arnhem & Nijmegen

International Business student Miruna from Romania and Jessica from Germany discuss where they like to study and what the campus facilities are like at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Watch the full recording (38 minutes)

What are the classes like at HAN?

Curious what the classes at HAN are like and how it might be different from what you’re used to? International student Miruna shares her experiences.

European credits and the grading system

How does it work with European credits? How many do you need? And what’s the grading system like? Listen to this talk show snippet to find out.