Open Up 2024

Intro program: International School of Business Exchange Program

The HAN International Introduction starts on Monday, 26 August 2024. A week full of fun and information. Information about your program, your classmates and your host university. Will you be joining in? Find out here what to expect.

The ISB Community hosted a sushi workshop.
international school of business exchange program 

the intro program

Your introduction days start on Monday, 26 August. You will receive a number of newsletters from HAN International Office and your Exchange Coordinators with more information in the months before. The introduction is the best way to start your exchange program. You'll receive lots of useful information, get to know our campus, meet your fellow exchange and other international students and join in various fun activities. Below is a brief overview of the planned activities.

More information

  • Registration

    On Monday, there is an International Welcome Day for all international students. The introduction program on Wednesday will focus on your Exchange Program. There is no need to register for these events.

    Would you like to join more introduction acitivites, join us on Friday for the Dutch Open Air Museum trip!



  • Cost

    The introduction week is free for all students, unless you join the super fun community outing on Friday, 30 August. Then it costs 5 euros per person. This includes transport and activity. This is a nice day to get to know your fellow students! Click here for instructions regarding the HAN webshop.


    Open Up Sunrise Festival

    The entrance ticket for the Open Up Festival is free for all new HAN students. Collect your ticket at the Open Up Area.

  • Open Up Area

    The Open Up Area is your base camp in the Introduction Week. For example, you can go here with questions about your program, or if you cannot find the building or room. It is the meeting place on the HAN campus with a cozy terrace and (live) music.

    Make sure to stop by the Open Up Area to pick up your entrance ticket for the Open Up Sunrise Festival on Thursday.

  • Questions

    Any questions regarding the introduction?

    Send an email to



International School of Business Community

The ISB community is a place to broaden your horizons. To get the most out of yourself. And to change the world around you. Become a member of the Photography Club or the Debate Team. Play volleyball, soccer and basketball with students from all over the world. Or go to one of the many masterclasses organized by students. Check out the community on Facebook and Instagram. There you'll find upcoming events and trips, stories by students, alumni experiences, travel inspiration and daily updates. Share your ideas and your voice will be heard!


ISA Activities

ISA is a student organization that hosts events for international students, such as workshops and parties. ISA aims to create an inclusive community where students from all nationalities can come together, using their experience and backgrounds to create unique events, and parties and learn new skills in the process, by empowering students to shape their own student experience. ISA also organizes an introduction program for all first-year students. These activities are not mandatory, but they are a lot of fun to attend. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to sign up and there are no costs involved.

Student showing peace sign

Good to know

How do I get to the HAN campus?

The HAN campus in Arnhem is easily accessible by bike, public transport and car. The campus is within cycling distance of Arnhem city center and you can easily walk to it from Arnhem-Presikhaaf railway station.

Civiele Techniek trein onderdoorgang viaduct underpass met bus

General Terms and Conditions

We set some important house rules during the introduction week. For example about medical conditions and safety, but also about alcohol, drugs and smoking. If you participate in the Intro, then you agree with the general terms and conditions that we have drawn up for you.

Civiele Techniek trein onderdoorgang viaduct underpass met bus

Don't you want to be photographed?

During the intro, pictures and video's will be made to show everybody how nice our intro is. Do you have objections? Tell the photographer or cameraman on the spot or mail to

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