The HAN International Introduction is coming up. We have important information to share with you, both online and offline!

HAN International Intro February 2023

Get on board with your degree or exchange program

Your degree or exchange program has worked out a program for the HAN International Intro. So, "get on board". Some cool and fun stuff is waiting for you! Meet your lecturers, classmates and fellow HAN students. Find out about your books and timetable. And much more. Go to the intro page for your degree or exchange program using one of the links below.

Bachelors and Masters


Good to know

How do I get to the HAN campus?

The HAN campuses in Arnhem and Nijmegen are easily accessible by bike, public transport and car. Both campuses are within cycling distance of the respective city centers and within walking distance of a train station.

Twee studenten op fiets campus Nijmegen

General Terms and Conditions

We set some important house rules during the introduction week. For example about medical conditions and safety, but also about alcohol, drugs and smoking. If you participate in the Intro, then you agree with the general terms and conditions that we have drawn up for you.

Twee studenten op fiets campus Nijmegen

Don't you want to be photographed?

During the intro, pictures and videos will be made to show everybody how nice our intro is. Do you have objections? Tell the photographer or cameraman on the spot or send us an email.

HAN Student Support Center

Looking for support during your studies?

The Student Support Center offers support during your studies. Think of study coaching, student counseling, writing coaching, studying with a disability or help with a complaint or objection. And much more. At HAN we've bundled all these services into the Student Support Center. You can find more information about these services on Insite.